SEO and Local Search

Local Search

Local search consists of adjusting your site and SEO campaign for easy placement in local maps and results for geo keywords like "Kansas City Web Design" or "Lee's Summit Remodeling". Starting the keyword with a city narrows the search to local business. Start today and get ahead of your competition.

Get me more Traffic!

So you have this new website, can new customers find you? Sure, you may come up first in the search engines under your specific name. That would mean customers would have to know you in order to find you. Now imagine NEW customers finding your site every day. How much is that worth to your business? Less than half of searchers make it all the way down the first page on search results. Less that 2% make it past the second page. SEO is not as complex as other would lead you to believe. However, there are many different aspects you need to pay attention to. Here are a few.


On page optimization
Page Titles (the very top of your browser bar)
Headers (paragraph headers and descriptions)
Meta Tags (not as important as they used to be, but don't ignore them)
Keyword Density (your targeted keywords included into page content)
Link Anchors (instead of saying "click here" describe what they are clicking on)
Well structured layout (is it easy to navigate?)


Off page Optimization
Search engine submission (site map created and uploaded to major engines)
Link Popularity (sites linking to your site, called "votes")
Link Building (getting those votes from relevant sites that share your niche)
We will sit down with you and map out a detailed plan. Effective SEO can take 6-12 months depending on how competitive your market is.


We will sit down and build a custom SEO plan for your site. We will help you with finding the keywords your customers are using to find your competitors.

Convert Customers

Getting traffic to your site is the easy part. Getting qualified customers converted into sales is where we step in. Our SEO Overhaul includes User Interface design. We know how visitors want information displayed to them. We can achieve yours desired result....More Leads!

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